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Contaminated reel was successfully blocked by Cybord AI

March 14, 2023

Contaminated reel was successfully blocked by Cybord AI


Blog post by Meir Ansher, VP of Sales
Contaminated reel was successfully blocked by Cybord AI:

In the fast-paced world of electronics manufacturing, ensuring the quality of electronic components is crucial. Cybord’s unique electronic component analytics technology utilizes visual AI analytics to comply with surface-mount technology (SMT) lines at the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS). By gathering and analyzing data of every component of each board, Cybord’s technology enhances the performance and efficiency of electronic products. This allows Cybord to provide valuable insights and enable real-time decision-making for its clients.
As a result, Cybord offers three distinct capabilities:

  • Remove or block contaminated reels
  • The platform recognizes when a specific reel should be taken off the SMT line after analyzing several components and alerts within up to one minute.
  • Flag faulty components on boards
  • Cybord Identifies board issues in near real-time (up to one minute) and alert operators through the dashboard to take the board out of the production line.
  • Improve the process by providing feedback to SMT
  • The platform detects bad pickups, overexposed and blurry images, and tombstones, helping operators to quickly address the root cause by improving the machine’s setup.

A recent case study involving a Tier-1 Automotive OEM highlights the importance of Cybord’s technology. The OEM encountered a contaminated reel that could have caused painful recall events and damaged products. However, with the help of Cybord’s technology, the contaminated reel was successfully blocked and prevented from causing further issues:

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The Cybord platform alerted the customer to potential solderability risks on specific components. The OEM decided to verify the alert by performing SEM-EDX analysis through an authorized lab to verify the alert. The results of the analysis revealed both corrosion and Sn plating deficiencies, which could negatively impact solderability, particularly if extending over larger areas. By identifying and addressing these issues proactively, the OEM decided to disqualify all reels from the same batch.

In order to prevent low-quality products and potential recalls, the OEM has deemed the particular reel to be unacceptable and has disqualified all reels from the same batch. This decision was made to sustain high-quality standards and ensure that customers receive products that meet their industry standards.

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