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Combating Electronic Component Counterfeit with AI Technology

October 16, 2023

Electronic product development relies heavily on printed circuit boards (PCBs). However, the supply chain for these crucial electronic components has been disrupted, leading to a growth in counterfeit electronic parts.

The foundation of electronic product development is firmly rooted in PCBs. However, recent disruptions in the supply chain have led to a significant rise in counterfeit electronic components. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the challenges posed by counterfeit electronics and the role of AI technology in addressing these issues.

The Growing Threat of Counterfeit Electronics

As the electronic industry grapples with supply chain disruptions, many manufacturers have been forced to explore unconventional supply channels. This shift has unintentionally given rise to a concerning problem – counterfeit electronic components. The risk of receiving subpar or fraudulent parts has surged from a historical range of 0.2-1% to a staggering 5-10%. This has a profound impact on the quality and reliability of electronic products, and it’s a problem that cannot be ignored.

The Shortcomings of Conventional Testing

The detection of counterfeit electronic components through conventional laboratory testing has proven to be a challenging task. While lab testing can uncover specific errors, it falls short in addressing the full spectrum of defects that counterfeit components may exhibit. Counterfeit parts often display elusive defects that can be hard to identify through sampling alone. Moreover, counterfeiters have become increasingly sophisticated, making it even more difficult to detect counterfeit components using traditional testing methods.

Combating Electronic Component Counterfeit with AI Technology - Cybord AI

AI Technology: A Game Changer

In this battle against counterfeit electronic components, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a powerful solution. AI technology provides a swift and error-free analysis of component authenticity, offering a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional lab testing. This revolutionary technology leverages data from Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines, which are responsible for mounting electrical components onto PCBs during the assembly process. By processing this data, AI can detect counterfeit and defective components in real-time, right on the electronic component assembly line.

Cybord AI goes beyond mere detection; it also provides manufacturers with a verifiable record of meticulous component checks. This capability can potentially save companies from the crippling costs associated with product recalls in case of field failures.

As SMT supply chain challenges persist, manufacturers will continue to source components from diverse markets. AI’s ability to detect the subtlest details in real time offers a practical and efficient means of ensuring chip authenticity. 

A Look into the Future

As supply chain challenges persist, manufacturers will continue to explore diverse markets for sourcing electronic components. AI’s ability to detect even the subtlest details in real-time offers a practical and efficient means of ensuring the authenticity of electronic components. This technology is not just a solution for today but an investment in a resilient and counterfeit-resistant future.


In the world of electronic product development, the menace of counterfeit electronic components is real, especially during supply chain disruptions. Embracing AI-powered anti-counterfeit technology is not just an option; it’s a necessity for mitigating this risk efficiently. With AI’s assistance, manufacturers can protect their reputations, safeguard their revenue, and ensure public safety. The future of electronic product development relies on advanced technology to combat counterfeit electronics effectively.


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