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Enhancing Quality Control & Traceability with Cybord's AI-Powered Visual Inspection Platform

November 1, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, the demand for electronic components is rising across various industries. However, with this increased demand comes the challenge of ensuring the quality and authenticity of these components and the need for comprehensive traceability.

Cybord’s cloud-based platform employs artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to eliminate electronic component failures and improve traceability. In this blog, we’ll delve into a fascinating interview with Oshri Cohen, the CEO of Cybord, to understand how their platform is revolutionizing quality control and traceability within the electronic supply chain.

Cybord's Innovative Solution

The heart of Cybord’s innovation is its cloud-based platform, which leverages visual analysis techniques to inspect electronic components. This software solution has gained significant attention, especially from the automotive, aerospace, and medical systems industries, where quality control and traceability are paramount.

The key differentiator for Cybord’s platform is that it’s a software-only solution, which means it doesn’t require any additional capital investments or production line modifications. Instead, it relies on AI and big data analytics to analyze components’ top and bottom sides, utilizing visual data and production metadata to ensure authenticity, quality, reliability, and traceability.

To set up the platform, Cybord installs it on a dedicated server within the factory, which collects images from surface mount technology machines (SMT) and automated optical inspection (AOI) machines. Cybord’s real-time integration with component assembly machines allows for near-instant inspection before assembly onto circuit boards. This holistic approach empowers customers to identify and eliminate faulty components, minimizing costs and ensuring efficient product delivery.

cybord solution

Industries Benefiting from Cybord's Platform

Cybord’s platform is versatile and applicable to a wide range of industries. It caters to Tier 1 OEMs, Tier 1 automotive manufacturers, defense contractors, health tech industries, and DataCom companies. In the age of Industry 4.0, visual AI inspection is no longer optional; it’s necessary for industries seeking 100% inspection and surgical traceability

Reducing Recalls and Ensuring Component Quality

Cybord’s technology directly addresses a significant problem OEMs face: the prevalence of corrosion and faulty components. Approximately 90% of component failures are associated with visual indications. Cybord’s platform helps eliminate these failures by ensuring the authenticity and quality of components, reducing the risk of recalls due to faulty parts.

Seamless Integration with Existing Hardware

Cybord’s platform is a software solution designed to integrate seamlessly with existing SMT and AOI machines and processes. It collaborates with major machine manufacturers to receive component images without causing delays or modifications to production lines. This ensures that companies can benefit from Cybord’s technology while using their existing machine interfaces.

Quality Control in a Growing Market

Quality control becomes critical with the growing demand for chips and domestic chip manufacturing. Cybord’s platform plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of electronic components, regardless of their source. Utilizing big data and AI guarantees that only high-quality components enter the supply chain, meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding business expectations.

Sustainability and Quality Assurance

Sustainable business practices are essential in today’s world. Cybord’s platform contributes to sustainability by inspecting components at every production stage, reducing E-waste, and cutting down on wasted spending. This approach aligns quality assurance with sustainability goals.

The Power of Visual Analysis - Cybord's Cloud Based Solution

Cybord's Traceability Solution

Unlike traditional batch logging traceability, which assumes all components in a reel are the same, Cybord’s AI-powered visual technology provides more efficient and cost-effective traceability. It analyzes every component on every board for authenticity and integrity, enabling rapid surgical recalls with minimal disruption to the manufacturing process.

Challenges in the Industry

As the market for electronic components grows, so does the risk of faulty and counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. While no industry is immune to this challenge, certain sectors, like automotive, medical, and aerospace, feel the urgency more acutely due to the potential risks associated with subpar components.


Cybord’s AI-powered visual inspection platform is innovative in the world of quality control and traceability within the electronic supply chain. Seamlessly integrating with existing hardware and offering real-time inspection empowers industries to ensure the quality and authenticity of electronic components. With the ever-growing demand for electronic components. Cybord’s solution leverages the capabilities of AI and big data to revolutionize manufacturing processes and guarantee the dependability and safety of electronic products.

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