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Enhancing Traceability in the Digital Era

July 5, 2023

Written by Cybord Marketing Team 


In today’s digital landscape, traceability has become a critical requirement for the automotive and electronics industries. Being able to track the origin and journey of electrical components throughout the supply chain is now optional but imperative for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The current state of industrial electronic component traceability falls short, leading to quality risks and inadequate information flow.

The Limitations of Batch Traceability

The standard for traceability, known as “batch traceability,” primarily focuses on tracking production lots, serial numbers, and board placements. However, this approach fails to analyze the individual components themselves, posing a threat to the overall quality of the final products. Inevitably, faulty components can find their way into circulation, leading to costly recalls that drain time, resources, and finances.

The Need for Exploratory Traceability

To address these challenges, electronics manufacturers must adopt exploratory traceability. This approach involves implementing precise visual identification processes for every electronic component placed on a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). By embracing exploratory traceability, OEMs can perform targeted and efficient recalls, minimizing disruptions to the manufacturing process.

The integration of AI tools and big data analytics presents a unique opportunity for OEMs to enhance traceability across their supply chains. By leveraging these technologies, companies can bridge information gaps and gain comprehensive visibility into the origins and characteristics of their products. This ensures improved quality, higher output efficiency, and greater financial clarity, ultimately strengthening the bottom line.


Challenges and Solutions

Supply chain disruptions, such as those experienced during the recent pandemic, have further highlighted the importance of robust traceability practices. OEMs faced increased lead times and had to seek alternative suppliers with improper storage standards and traceability information. To combat these challenges, manufacturers should aim to elevate their traceability standards beyond the current industry levels. AI-powered visual recognition technology is a cost-effective solution, allowing for accurate analysis of every component on every board without human error.





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