Research by Cybord on EMSNOW: The impact of counterfeit components on product reliability

by Uri Elhav

Cybord’s latest research article titled The impact of counterfeit components on product reliability, is featuring on EMSNOW, a leading online publication covering electronics manufacturing services.

In the article, Dr. Eyal Weiss explains how the majority of electronic hardware failures (either by component fault or workmanship) originate from counterfeit components. Read Eyal’s conclusions on EMSNOW:

Cybord’s Presentation on Solderability at IEEE’s PAINE

by Uri Elhav

Cybord’s founder Dr. Eyal Weiss presented at IEEE International Conference on PHYSICAL ASSURANCE and INSPECTION of ELECTRONICS (PAINE) on Dec 15, 2020. Eyal discussed Cybord’s novel approach to evaluating solderability condition based on computer vision, AI and big data. Watch the presentation below.

Cybord Awarded IIA Funding

by Uri Elhav

Simens Cybord counterfeit electronic compoents

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s vision to introduce innovative technology in its offering portfolio is arming customers with supply chain visibility. In November 2020 Cybord was awarded a grant by the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) to support its collaboration with Siemens. Our joint value is detailed in this recent article. Hebrew:,7340,L-3882935,00.html

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Cybord is part of InnoVEX 2020, which will be taking place online this year.

by Uri Elhav

Cybord is presenting its technology for Eliminating counterfeit electronic components during SMT manufacturing in Innovex 2020. Our quality inspection software that identifies counterfeit, damaged and tampered electronic components at product manufacturing time using computer vision and big data is exhibited in Taiwan this year. Read more here:

Cybord Featured on Siemens Digital Industries Software’s PLM Cafe

by Uri Elhav

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s PLM Cafe discussed material management and manufacturing
intelligence for electronics and focused on automated electronics material management and data-driven manufacturing. As Siemens now offers a complementary portfolio to its complete MES solution,  Cybord was featured as a special guest and showcased its component level inspection technology that protects companies from infiltration of counterfeit or malicious hardware-cyber components into their
products, using big-data AI in-line image processing on all the assembled components. A recording of the webinar is available on Siemens’ website.