About Cybord

Cybord was founded by Dr. Eyal Weiss, following a crisis in a defense mega project, due to counterfeit electronic components. It took his team months to trace the problem down to a 3 cents faulty capacitor.

Following this incident and by perceiving the understanding of the vast phenomenon of defective and counterfeit components, Cybord has taken on a mission to get counterfeit and defective components off production lines.

The Cybord Deep Visual-AI platform aggregates and analyzes images and data from 100% of the electronic components. It combines existing production data and unique new visual data collection, and ensures product quality, authenticity, and traceability, for OEMs and EMSs.


Oshri Cohen
Dr. Eyal Weiss
Founder and CTO
Shir Caplan
Head of R&D
Asaf Jivilik
VP of Marketing
Meir Ansher
VP of Sales


Adalio Sanchez
Capri Ventures
Marc Sultzbaugh
Board of Directors
Elad Frenkel
Managing Partner, IL Ventures

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126 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv 6744332 Israel

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