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Counterfeit Mitigation by In-line Deep Visual Inspection
An AI method for early detection of failures caused by corrosion on components during assembly - correlated to field failure analysis cases
Verifying the Efficiency of AI-based Inspection in Detecting Oxidation in Soldering Leads of Electronic Components during Assembly: A Case Study
The Hidden Reliability Cost of Degraded Components in Electronic Products: Overcoming the Challenges with 100% Inspection
Preventing Corrosion-related Failures in Electronic Assembly: A Multi-case Study Analysis
Electronic component solderability assessment algorithm by deep external visual inspection - Dr. Eyal Weiss
AI Detection of Body Defects and Corrosion on Leads in Electronic Components and a study of their Occurrence
Next-Gen Components Traceability Prevents Damage from Cyberattacks and Counterfeits or Refurbished Components
Cybord: Electronic Component Traceability
ASM Software Tool to Enable Cybord Integration
V-Tek and Cybord enable electronic 100% income component check
What’s The SCOOP – Component Shortage Disruption
The Impact Of Counterfeit Components On Product Reliability

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Value Proposition Cybord
Reliability With The Cybord Visual-Ai Analytics Solution


Cybord Inline Visual AI Platform in the SMT Line
Cybord - Fuji Electronic Components Analytics
Cybord Traceability
Cybord Kingfisher

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Traceability as a Productivity Tool
Achieving full component traceability from warehouse to the end product

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