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Value Proposition Cybord

The platform inspects all electronic components


The platform inspects all electronic components. The Cybord Visual-AI platform aggregates and analyzes images and data from the SMT & AOI machines

The platform inspects all electronic components during the assembly process. It combines existing production data and unique new visual data collection, ensuring product quality, authenticity, and traceability for OEMs and EMSs.


Reliability and Traceability

Cybord’s Visual Traceability allows customers to minimize product recall events. Enhances product reliability, strengthens company reputation, and fosters customer brand loyalty.
Cybord’s AI technology inspects each component assembled on every board while utilizing the board ID to provide surgical traceability.


Lower recall & warranty claims

Quality ImprovementBy inspecting 100% of the components, Cybord enables its customers to reduce product failure rates and ensures

  • higher product quality
  • Significant profit growth
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Smart Procurement

Cybord’s Smart Procurement System empowers customers: The platform can identify the most cost-effective suppliers, opting for risk by classifying suppliers with a proven quality record and streamlining the procurement process to improve efficiency.
Make informed choices regarding their preferred suppliers by granting them access to an extensive benchmark database with key insights.


The platform inspects all electronic components


The Cybord Osprey solution is an extension of the AOI machine, which captures top-side images of the PCBA assembly. Using the Component Reference Designator, Cybord Osprey adjusts and authenticates the component images before transferring them to the Cybord AI Cloud, where the visuals are cross-examined with the traceability documentation from the SMT line. In case of variation detection in the documented date codes, lot numbers, or manufacturers, the Cybord Platform will send out alerts.


The pick-and-place machine takes an image of the bottom side of every component a few milliseconds before the item is placed. Cybord Aquila uploads these images to the Cybord cloud in order to analyze each component. The AI Cloud Engine verifies the authentication of each component, inspects the quality of body defects or corrosion, and confirms the homogeneity of all components on the reel. The results of the analysis are presented on an extensive dashboard.




The platform inspects all electronic components

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