Cybord Platform

The Cybord inline visual-AI platform provides a better and more comprehensive view of the production lines. It ensures the assembled electronic components’ authenticity and quality, and provides the highest level of traceability.

The inline visual-AI platform aggregates and analyzes images and data from 100% of the components at various production stages, while combining existing unutilized visual data and production metadata, ensuring:

Product Quality
Dashboard | Analytics, Alerts, Suspected boards/components
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Allows securely purchasing of electronic components from any source

  • Homogeneity
  • Identify manufacturer
  • Marking decoding




Ensures high yields of a product from its early assembly stages

Homogeneity, Identify manufacturer, Age verification, Defects, Corrosion

Incoming WarehouseSMT LineSMT LineSMT Line13




Verifies the visual traceability of marked components assembled on each PCBA

  • Identify manufacturer
  • Marking decoding
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The Cybord secret sauce: Top & bottom visual analytics solution!
The Cybord platform is the only one that can provide component top and bottom visualized analytics based on visual-AI inspection of the components.

Cybord Solutions

Our Deep Visual Analytics technology is customized to your specific business needs, ensuring top product quality and productivity. The platform includes 3 combined solutions:

Cybord Kingfisher

Allows securely purchasing of electronic components from any source.

The Cybord Kingfisher is an inspection machine that takes an image of each component from the top. The Cybord AI engine processes the images of all components in the reels to detect marking, date codes, and lot codes. This unique solution uses the AI mechanism to validate component genuineness and traceability data.

Cybord Aquila

Ensures high yields of a product from its early assembly stages.

The Cybord Aquila uses the images generated from the pick and place system, which are taken from the bottom of the component, and analyzes the parameters of the images captured by the SMT machines. The AI engine authenticates each assembled component and inspects quality and traceability attributes, to enforce components quality and ensure high productivity.

Cybord Osprey

Verifies the visual traceability of marked components assembled on each PCBA.

The Cybord Osprey on the AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) equipment verified all images taken from the top of the assembled PCBA. All component markings of images captured by AOI machines are decoded and cross-checked with traceability documentation, to detect and alert deviations from documented lot numbers and date codes.

Cybord Falcon

An electronic component with unique serial number ID in 2D codes markings printed on its top and bottom sides.

Cybord’s system uses the image of the Falcon chip which are taken by the SMT pick-and-place machine from the bottom side of the component, and the top side view received from the AOI machine to read, authenticate, and decode each serial number during assembly.
It enables simple and secure serialization of circuit boards with zero hardware, very small footprint, and high reliability.

Benefits for OEMs and EMSs


The Cybord platform provides OEMs with a better and more comprehensive view of the production lines.

  • Management – Ensures reliability and reduces the risk of recalls. In case of a recall event, the Cybord solution minimizes the overall magnitude of the event and its costs.
  • Supply chain – Provides online control over the quality of incoming goods, resulting in better procurement contracts.
  • Customer service – Increases customer satisfaction by providing early detection of traceability issues, saving on costs.

The Cybord platform helps EMSs control their components and ensure quality during production.

  • Management – Reduces expenses and overhead and increases reliability, which leads to profitability.
  • Supply chain – Online quality data allows early detection and analysis by providing visual traceability data, resulting in better procurement contract.
  • Operation – Reduces rework and increases yields by significantly improving the machine calibration, following immediate feedback received from the Cybord AI images analysis.

Professional Services

We can help you analyze the data provided by Cybord’s SMT module and alert you of any suspected issue.

Our dedicated expert team will analyze 100% of the boards marked as “Suspected” by the Cybord AI-based engine, by drilling into the reels and individual components, and notify you of significant issues in a matter of minutes, for your attention and decision-making.

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