Manufacturers Need to Know Everything

Traceability, or the capability to track and trace the origin and journey of every component assembled on the PCB, is a growing requirement from self-producing OEMs and ones who manufacture using EMS firms. Traceability is no longer required for life and mission critical products. A growing number of manufacturers wish to grow their confidence, avoid using counterfeit components and produce better, more secure products, and more governments mandate component level traceability.

Why Do Products Need Traceability?

It has become necessary for product manufacturers to develop business systems that give complete control over the traceability of products to ensure compliance. The key requirement is to quickly locate defective parts from the lots of components of the finished product. This identification allows speedy product recall for that particular lot.
Generally, companies rely on a paper trail for traceability. The paperwork is not only time-intensive but is highly susceptible to forgery and human error. Lack of accurate traceability means products cannot be recalled efficiently and may carry counterfeit components that can lead to a variety of failures, from brand image to mission failure.

Sealing the Traceability Gap

Common paper trail and vendor trust methods are not scientific and leave room for error. The only way to validate placement is by visually inspecting each and every component. Our groundbreaking inspection technology identifies the manufacturer at the time of assembly, without relying on documentation, giving OEMs and EMSs a new level of assurance.
The data obtained through our traceability technology helps technology specialists and engineering avoid potential. Traceability data also helps drive product and process improvements with time while improving and maintaining customer relationships.
Taking benefit from our integrated traceability solution as part of your ERP and MES, you can ensure easy availability of reporting data and maintain a single source for all your critical business data and information.

Due to an increase in regulations, implementation of product recall and traceability solutions can tremendously benefit electronic manufacturers and producers. Our solutions improve your production process, reduce the risks of product defects, enhance supply chain control, and significantly improve customer service. It’s more like an insurance policy that every product and component manufacturer should take advantage of.