Private and government-backed cyber-criminals always try to stay ahead of the game by developing more and more sophisticated methods of attack.  Software-based techniques of yesterday have lost effectiveness due to the modernization of operating systems, application frameworks, and other defensive software like firewalls and malware protectors.

In 2018, Bloomberg News reported that thinking outside of the box got hackers to think inside the box. A hardware-based backdoor was detected on almost 30 companies’ server hardware, including Amazon and Apple. A small chip was added to servers’ motherboards, giving remote access to allegedly Chinese criminals.

Hardware-based attacks take greater effort to implement, but their damage is more strategic and can remain undetected for years. Hardware-based protection is as important as software-based cyber defense.

Cyber security is another benefit that’s derived from component trust Analytics (CTA). Cybord ensures your hardware product is implemented as designed and that no additional or unauthentic parts were added to your system. Contact us to learn more.

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