Integrated seamlessly with SMT pick and place machines, Cybord analyses each component using artificial intelligence during the assembly process. Every component is inspected for authenticity, physical health, solderability condition and tampering concerns.

Cybord : Additional hardware not required and no delay while using SMT machinery

Working with your EMS

Supply chain visibility is now available for self producing OEMs and for those who outsource. Cybord SMT operates at your contract manufacturer’s shop floor and guards the reliability of your products. Multi site support lets you collect data from many contract manufacturers and rate their performance.

Reduce the Total Cost of Quality

Poor material is the main reason for product failure.   Prevention of poor material is the most effective step in reducing the Cost of Poor Quality. Shifting from failure to prevention instantly upgrades product quality and carries big savings.

Manufacture with Confidence using Visual Traceability

Component level inspection at assembly time is the most efficient method of validation. Inspection findings are validated against the BOM to ensure that every product is manufactured as planned. Component level visual traceability lets you manufacture with confidence and create a new level of trust, above and beyond (e)paper trail and personal trust.

Secure from Cyber Hacking

Malicious modification of integrated circuits is a deeply-rooted attack, where a single component can bring catastrophic outcomes. Statistical lab inspections that cover a small set of the population leave organizations vulnerable. Cybord’s inspection detects component reprogramming automatically, without having to rely on expensive and lengthy lab testing.

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