Integrated seamlessly with SMT pick and place machines, Cybord analyses each component using artificial intelligence during the assembly process. Every component is inspected for authenticity, physical health, solderability condition and tampering concerns.

Cybord : Additional hardware not required and no delay while using SMT machinery

Cybord SMT stops counterfeit, defective, and malicious electronic components from getting assembled into products during the manufacturing process. Cybord inspects each component prior to placement by integrating with electronic product manufacturing equipment.

Deep learning (AI, on big data) algorithms rate each component based on Cybord’s global component database.

During assembly, each component is photographed for analysis purposes. Cybord’s technology inspects the components for

–       Authenticity issues, where a component does not match its documentation.

–       Batch homogeneity, in the event where counterfeit components were mixed in the lot.

–       Externally defective components that may fail prematurely.

–       Poor solderability conditions that lead to undesired behavior. 

–       Tampering of the component, for example, reprogramming the component’s software in order to install a backdoor (‘silicon timebomb’).