“Our passion is in making the world safer through assuring all electronic products are built using genuine components, increasing their quality, and providing customers  and consumers with the security they deserve.”

We started with a real pain.

Cybord was founded by Dr Eyal Weiss, after he experienced a crisis due to counterfeit electronic components in a military-grade project that took 12 years to develop and deploy. It took his team months to trace the problem down to a  3 cent passive component.

Turns out Eyal was not the only one: It is estimated that 5 to 10 percent of all components on the market are counterfeit, resulting in poor quality and exposure to cyber attacks. It is estimated that the leading reason for product returns are caused by counterfeit components.

Cybord detects counterfeit electronic components, helping electronics companies assure that each and every assembled component is 100% genuine and untampered. We achieve this by our patented deep visual inspection technology.


Management Team

Quality Across the Board

Quality Across the Board

Cybord lab testing service

into their products in real time.

from infiltration of counterfeit, defective, or malicious components

We protect electronic product manufacturers

component inspection during the SMT pick and place process

in-line smt integration

At placement inspection

SMT placement machine integration

Reduce RMA, increase product quality and secure your product

Hardware cyber security

Cyber Security for Electronic Components

Avoid any hardware risks in your products.


Solderability Analysis

Save money, avoid rework and RMA due to solderability issues.


Cybord’s Deep External Visual Inspection technology physically tests 100% of the components by utilizing on-premise tools before they are assembled, using advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms and big data to make sure no counterfeit or hardware cyber components enter products.

We help OEMs guarantee that their products are built with genuine electronic components, counterfeit and malware free


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