Electronic products sometimes fail for no apparent reason.

In most cases, it is because counterfeit or malicious cyber components have infiltrated production.

Cybord system is a software solution. It physically tests 100% of the components by utilizing on-premise tools before they are assembled, using advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Big-Data to make sure no counterfeit or Hardware Cyber components get in.

What are counterfeit components?

They are fraudulent components that can harm your product

  • Cheap copies
  • Sub-standard or rejected components
  • Recycled components
  • Malicious hardware-cyber components

How common is it?

Very common!

  • 5-10% of components are counterfeit!
  • This growing black market is estimated at $20-$40 billion annually
  • Many sophisticated cyber hacks are hardware cyber infiltrations, not software.
  • We have detected many counterfeit components in unsuspection production lines.

So what if I use counterfeit components?

You lose money and customers!

  • Law-suits
  • Recalls
  • Reworks
  • Customers churn
  • Cyber vulnerability
  • Safety issues
  • Loss of reliability and reputation
An organization infiltrated by counterfeit components is at serious risk

Isn’t it someone else’s problem?

If you care about a product – This is your problem!

The manufacturers don’t physically check the components they buy!