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Cybord Kingfisher

June 2023

Cybord Kingfisher Analytics Solution

Cybord Kingfisher Analytics Solution : Cybord is taking this challenge a step further. Cybord’s Kingfisher solution offers analytics of 100% of the components using Component Visual Inspection based on the latest proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision algorithms and Big-Data analysis. Cybord’s platform guarantees high accuracy of authenticity. In some cases, due to legal reasons, reels miss the date-code and lot-code; these reels cannot be used for products that require detailed traceability; Cybord’s service converts any reel from a non-traceable mode to a traceable mode and can be used for high-end industries that require detailed traceability.


Cybord Kingfisher Analytics Solution

The Cybord Kingfisher Solution Includes:
Perpetual License and Support The Cybord Kingfisher device uses a unique technique of scanning the entire components on the reel without removing the transparent tape, taking images of each component, and re-wrapping it. Each image of the components is locally saved and, together with the label information, uploaded to the Cybord cloud. An analysis using AI/Big-Data checks for the following parameters: Type, Authenticity, Homogeneity, Defects, Marking, and label identification. The system generates a detailed report for each reel, including the location of the suspicious components. All reports and results are available in the Cybord Portal. This information can support procurement delivery checks and quality decisions.
Cybord’s Advantages

Kingfisher – Reels Incoming Inspection – Purchasing reels securely from any source
The Cybord Kingfisher scanning device can be located at your lab or any location close to the broker’s warehouse.
Work with any broker/source you choose: verify each delivered component.
Full traceability for high end quality manufacturing.
The lab is able to share online results with customers through the Cybord portal
Analyze all components: increase the confidence of your customers by supplying only verified components.
Same-day results: the Cybord Kingfisher device can scan up to 20,000 components per hour (4-5 reels), and produces a real-time report.




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